• Responsive Web Design

    Take a look around. All of your customers are on smartphones & tablets.
    If your website is crappy on mobile you’re losing money!



If your website is not mobile friendly then you might as well not have one! Why? Because search engines like Google will not display your website in the mobile phone search results if people have to pinch and zoom to use it.


Today your potential customers have many devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones. When they need what it is that you offer they could be on any one of them. If your website is Responsive then it work on all of them.


You may only be open from 9-5 but we live in a 24/7 world where consumers expect service around the clock. If you’re not educating customers about your products or services and don’t have a call to action then you’re leaving money on the table.


DANTEMEDIA is a results driven marketing & design agency with a passion for excellence in everything we do from the way we conduct our business to the way we help you expand yours.

We’re not just marketers & designers but strategists that can help guide and put your organization in a position of advantage over your competitors.

We have a knack for finding solutions to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Need A New Website? We Can Do It All For You… Or Teach You How And Guide You Along The Way.

We don’t just build pretty web pages, we create and deliver custom web experiences based on the wants and needs of your customers. Every step we take is guided by clear and measurable goals designed to help you acquire new customers. If you’re too busy running the day to day operations of your business we can do it all for you. If you’re a Do It Yourself-ER we can show you how and guide you when you need help.

What are you waiting for?

We give small businesses the attention they deserve at a fair and honest price. If after considering the above you feel you need help in this area give us a call. There won’t be any high pressure sales pitches, just a down to earth conversation to see if we’re a good fit for each other and to determine how we might be able to help you reach your objective.

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